Cheerio American Crumpet...Bienvenidos Mia-mi Likee

It’s official. I’m moving yet again, with two suitcases in tow, to South Beach on the 20th of September. I’m swapping pale skin and crumpets for Cuban food and bad tattoos. Get excited!

My adventures in England have come to a conclusion...therefore, I’m laying American Crumpet to rest (tear) and birthing a brand new blog: Mia-mi Likee

I’m not sure what it’s going to look like, but I’m expecting plenty of beach hell-no’s and failed attempts at Spanglish.

Thank you so much for following me these past two + years...ya'll are awesome!
Love, Mary Beth

(ps. Mia-mi Likee is a work in progress...the posting will begin on September 25th.)


Beware of Baby



Hide Your Wife, Hide Your Kids...They're Raping Everybody

I'm pretty sure this is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time...

...and the remix is classic.


Lil' Brenly got Baptized

...and I'm the lucky Godmother. Don't be jealous.


The Ugliest Bridesmaid Dress in America...

Yes, this really happened.


So...I'm Moving to Miami Beach

image by dc32

I can honestly say that Miami is the last place that I ever pictured myself moving to...however, the thought of running on the beach and listening to the sound of the waves come in (on a daily basis) makes it all OK.

After 4.5 years of designing greeting cards, I've decided to go back to school for fashion/editorial photography at Miami Ad School in Miami Beach, Florida.

here's one of the essays that I submitted with my application:
WARNING: heavy on the cheese.

My favorite question to ask people is, “What’s your best piece of life advice?” After all, every one of us has varying opinions as to what makes a good life, well, great. Answers that I’ve received from people all over the world have, in a sense, influenced me to be bold, to follow my heart, and to chase after my dreams, as big or small as they may be.

On a small, wooden sign, hanging in my friend Drew’s house, was a quote by Anthony Robbins. It said, “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” Throughout our college years, Drew used to repeat that to me whenever I needed a good ol’ dose of man advice. Needless to say, it stuck with me. There are times in life when unfamiliarity may be just the thing you need to step outside of your comfort zone. I feel extremely fortunate that in my career with Hallmark Cards, I had the chance to do just that. Two years of my career were spent working overseas at Hallmark International Headquarters in northern England. This opportunity not only allowed me to grow both personally and professionally, it exposed me to a completely different culture, not to mention a whole other world of design. Drew’s advice, and the advice of others have influenced me, not only in my career, but in every other aspect of my life as well.

I hear over and over again people telling me to, “follow your passion” and “make a career doing what you truly love to do.” I feel as if I’ve always had a clear direction as to what it was that I wanted to do with my life. In high school, I remember spending endless hours in the darkroom, not even aware of all the time that was passing me by. My passion for photography was apparent from early on. When it came time to choose a major in college, my mind got in the way of my heart and I chose Communication Design over Photography, thinking that it was the sensible career choice for a creative person. After all, the photography industry was far too competitive. Here I am, five years later, grateful of the opportunities that have presented themselves to me, but also aware of what I need to do to quiet this untamed heart of mine.

Some of the responses that I’ve heard over the years have been insightful, others…inspiring, and some, downright funny. But, in spite of all that, there’s always little or lots of wisdom to be taken, wisdom that I’ve put to use throughout my journey.


Weekend in McKinney

Not to rag on my roommates (aka. Mom & Dad), but a little time away is always a good thing.
My dear friends, Mark & Amanda had me up for a long weekend in the ‘burbs.
It’s been...a wild one.

People really buy this crap...

Mark's dog Maggie. She sleeps like a college girl.
Yep. This is for reals...


Brenly's Baby Tricks

I make babies smart.


A Leather Mini and Slider Shorts...


It's like I'm in Shipley all over again.


Nine Times a Bridesmaid...and No More in Sight

Phew...I can breathe.
My closet...not so much.

It feels like forever since I've given The Crumpet any quality attention.
Where are those chavy Brits when you need ‘em?

I saw a 300 lb. woman at Wal-Mart sporting lime green stripper get-up. Classy.
I tried to take a picture with my cell phone, but I was within gleeking distance and the snap, unfortunately, caught her attention. I’m happy to report that I didn’t get shot or sat on.


Stephanie's Very Own Little Fashion Shoot...

My best friend, Stephanie was gracious enough to be my model for the day...in 100 degree Texas heat.
I'll explain what these are for here in a few weeks.
Isn't she just adorable? Thanks Steph, you're awesome.


Amanda & Mark's Wedding Weekend Part II

Beautiful Bridesmaides...6 out of the 12

Gift from the Groom

Bustin' a move...

James & Laura...such a fun couple

Amanda & Mark's Wedding Weekend

The Bridal Brunch Gang


Brunch Decor

Rehearsal Dinner. Ryan, Stephanie, MB, & Devin

Morning of the wedding...

The Beautiful Bride



Jennifer & Chris's Wedding Part III

My grandma is awesome. Ha.

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